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AMICCOM announces today,30 Million pcs of RF ICs shipment within 3 years, Challenge barrier of 100 Million pcs
- 2008/10
30 Million pcs of RF ICs shipment within 3 years, Challenge barrier of 100 Million pcs.

AMICCOM, located in Hsinchu Science Park Taiwan, focus on RF ICs marketing and design. Since company established in Nov. 2005, this month, Oct. 2008, aggregate shipment is breakthrough of 30 million pcs. “We achieve this important milestone within 3 years.” says AMICCOM’s president, Santan Tseng. There are full of full painstaking and legendry stories behind this honor. To analysis current status in 2008, company revenue of the first half-year is already over than its total revenue in 2007. That means the estimated YOY-Sales will be double growth compared to 2007. The business forecast of 2009, says by AMICCOM’s president,“ We are cautiously optimistic about the 2009 revenue. We have strong confidence to make it better. In the coming future, AMICCOM team will keep challenging the next barrier by not only 60 million pcs but also 100 millions pcs of shipment. Therefore, we expect the company revenue goes higher and higher year by year.” He also said:”To achieve this key milestone, this honor is not belonged to AMICCOM only. We have to thank to our strategic partners and supply chained partners. In the past years, our partners and we went through good time and bad time, we help each other, we created and shared profits. This is truly a good value of business cooperation. Next, we will still keep customer oriented culture, provide Easy-to-Use RF development system, varied sales channels and reliable schedule of chips delivery。」

Two Famous Venture Capital invest AMICCOM

Traditionally, RF ICs are niche products in western companies. Since 2000, this trend penetrates to Asia. Caught this trend, AMICCOM not only focus on CMOS RF ICs design, but also become one of the leader who pass market test through several business cycles. In RF ICs market, customers are always choosy its features, performance, cost, quality and reliability. But, AMICCOM finally get positive feedback from customer sites because of promote and professional technical supports. In May 2007, to satisfy demands of quick revenue growth and R&D cost, MCCA(MC Capital Asia Ltd., a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation) and Top Taiwan Venture Capital recognize AMICCOM’s efforts who both made independent investments on AMICCOM with total 6 million of common stock. Therefore, two famous VC managers join AMICCOM’s board of director.

Three RF Product Lines

AMICCOM have 3 card lines of RF ICs, Wireless Data Communication, Mobile Communication and Satellite Communication. In Wireless Data Comm., AMICCOM supports completed products lines to satisfy customer requests for different applications of 2.4GHz and sub 1GHz. In Satellite Comm., AMICCOM is one of few suppliers who can sell 4x2 LNB Switch Matrix IC to satellite manufactures. In end of 2007, AMICCOM’s GPS Receiver is passed verification by key EMS manufactures who are using it in volume production. This is another key milestone of AMICCOM’s satellite products. So far, those RF ICs are delivering to customers every week.

Image RF ICs are Wings of Strategic Partners

AMICCOM’s management team and technical groups have been in RF field for decades, 70% human resources are R&D engineers, and they are well experience of developing RF ICs, plus win-win and blue ocean strategies, so that those specialties form AMICCOM’s strong core competence and quick market shares. “Currently, 「Three Product Lines」, the shipping volumes are growing rapidly. We have confidence that new products will bring huge net sales soon. We can image that the RF ICs are like wings of strategic partners to support wireless applications that bring our partners and ourselves very good growth moments.” says AMICCOM’s president.

AMICCOM’s top managers highlight “The integrity is our major principal for business cooperation, step by step, therefore, dream come true with our partners. Today, we are not complacent about 30 millions of shipment record. Tomorrow, to achieve the next milestone, our sales team have to do better customer service, our applications team have to keep good communications with our partners as well as promote supports, our R&D team have to keep leading RF technology and innovation. From now on, we are asking ourselves to target 100 million pcs of shipment within coming 3 years to show our ability.