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AMICCOM announced A7105, The Ultra Low Power, Low Cost 2.4GHz / 500Kbps Transceiver IC.
- 2008/1/15
AMIC Communication Corporation(AMICCOM) locates in the Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan . AMICCOM definitely focuses on RF ICs by CMOS process who provides “ low power “ ,“ high performance “, “ low cost “ solutions. The volume productions of RF ICs include different types of 2.4GHz / sub GHz transceiver IC, GPS receiver, FM transmitter and LNB switch IC. In huge wireless applications, AMICCOM always keeps seeking many business opportunities with MCU vendors for customer oriented solutions.

In Jan. 2008, AMICCOM announced A7105 officially; a 500Kbps data rate and ultra low power 2.4GHz transceiver IC which ideal transmission distance is within 100m. A7105, that AMICCOM announces today, is a low power wireless transceiver IC with working frequency 2400~2483 MHz, GFSK/FSK modulation, multiple transmission channels (~160) to choose carrier frequency easily. The control interface of A7105 is SPI; through SPI, it could be convenient to program output power and data rate and etc.. A7105’s output power could be set from -10 dBm to 0 dBm with high Rx sensitivity -96 dBm. If data rate is programmed to only 250K bps, the Rx sensitivity could be lower than – 100dBm. In addition, A7105 has embedded LDO, its operating range is from 1.9V to 3.6V. A7105 has not only features of self-correction mechanism (RSSI/AFC/AGC), but also no need of external SAW filter. Plus embedded AUTO wake-up mechanism, it could reduce power consumption effectively when RF IC is idle. In overall view of its low power structure, A7105 targets low power consumption successfully.

A7105 is the best choice of short range wireless communication. Applications of A7105 with 500K bps + lower power consumption are very tie-in with wireless mice/ keyboard, home security, RF remote control, game pad and toys.

A7105 needs very few external components to achieve low power consumption and high Rx sensitivity. From market segment point of view, A7105 not only combines advantages with other competitor’s 2.4 GHz RF ICs, but also supports many kinds of low cost crystals. Based on its unique cost structure, A7105 could be the best choice for huge wireless applications with high performance, low power consumption and low cost targets. For more information, please visit us: