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AMICCOM announced 2.4GHz Range extender RF IC, A7700. Reduce 30% external components
- 2010/8/12
In August, 2010, AMICCOM announced a 2.4GHz RF range extender IC called A7700. This device is now in full production. A7700 is easy to design a total solution with all AMICCOM’s 2.4 GHz FSK TRX, like A7121 (3Mbps), A7125 (2Mbps), A7105 (500Kbps). Together with AMICCOM’s 2.4GHz TRX, A7700 can extend wireless range up to 200 meters for applications such as wireless audio/video streaming, long range remote controller, 2.4GHz Helicopter and airplane radio controller, active RF ID, wireless sensors network and etc.

A7700 integrates PA, LNA and RF Switch in a small QFN 3x3 package. PA output power can reach 18dBm and LNA has 11dB gain. Meanwhile, AMICCOM provides complete A7700 reference design with our 2.4GHz TRX in name of MD7105-F07, MD7125-F05, MD7121-F07 respectively. Such reference design is compliant to FCC part 15.247 and ETSI EN300-328. Customers don’t have to spend time for EMC problem and performance optimization. Compared to discrete solutions, AMICCOM offers a low cost and high performance solution (2.4GHz TRX plus A7700) with less than 30% external components.

In addition to reference design of MD7105-F05, MD7125-F05 and MD7121-F07, AMICCOM also offer customers in-house tools called TF7105, TF7125, TF7121, to assist RF module testing easily. The in-house tool can verify RF module performance of TX output power, RX sensitivity, frequency drift and digital interface without expensive RF equipments. Overall, it leads a very convenient way for quality control and easy production.

Order and package
A7700 is in 3 mm x 3 mm QFN-16 package. Some customers have approved A7700 together with our 2.4GHz TRX in the first half of 2010. Now, A7700 is kept shipping to customers. AMICCOM and our authorized distributors are welcome you to request IC samples and evaluation modules. For more details, please contact with