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AMICCOM announced A7128, The Ultra Low Power, Low Cost Sub 1GHz / 2Mbps Transceiver IC
- 2011/1/2
AMICCOM Electronics Corporation (AMICCOM) who focuses on RF ICs by CMOS technology is located in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan. In Jan. 2011, AMICCOM officially announced that A7128 is now in mass product stage; At this moment, A7128 is the fastest Sub 1GHz transceiver in the world. Its programmable data rate is up to 2 Mbps. This device supports sub 1GHz ISM bands, 433/868/915 MHz with FSM/GFSK modulation. It can be driven by a low cost MCU via SPI interface for all radio control modes as well as internal separated 64 Bytes TXFIFO and RXFIFO.

The key benefit to go with A7128 is high data rate, up to 2Mbps, as well as good RF performance. A7128 is suitable for many applications such as wireless era-phone, wireless speaker, baby monitor, home security, remote controller, wireless video / audio streaming and wireless toy. AMICCOM can offer customers a completed reference design with few external components. Such reference design is compliant with FCC part 15.247 and ETSI EN300-220. User has no need to speed much time to fine tune RF performance but reduce design complexity.

For RF performance, A7128 has built-in PA up to 10dBm with low RX sensitivity (-88 dBm) @ 2Mbps and 500kbps down to (-96dbm). The internal 8-bit ADC can support to measures RSSI and the related temperature. The unique VCO calibration mechanism inside A7128 can deal with CMOS process vibration to support stable operation in different environmental conditions.

For data steam, A7128 supports pocket encryption /decryption, Manchester encode/decode, pocket error correction (FEC and CRC). For communication protocol, this device supports Auto-Ack and Auto-Resend scheme for easy-to-use. For power management, it supports Deep sleep mode (100 nA), Sleep mode, Idle mode and WOR (Wake On RX) which supports periodically Sleep to RX mode to listen incoming packets without MCU interaction to extend battery lifetime. Overall, A7128 is very easy-to-use and support to simplify system development and cost.

Order and package
A7128 is in 4 mm x 4 mm QFN-20 package. Some customers have approved A7128 in the second half of 2010. Now, A7128 is kept shipping to customers. AMICCOM and our authorized distributors are welcome you to request IC samples and evaluation modules. For more details, please contact with