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AMICCOM launches A7130, a 4Mbps GFSK 2.4GHz transceiver for 50 meters distance
- 2011/7/5
AMICCOM is a dedicated RFIC design house located in Taiwan. In July, 2011, we launch the 4th generation 2.4GHz TRX called A7130. This device is a high speed 2.4GHz TRX up to 4Mbps data rate in FSK or GFSK modulation. A7130 can be accessed by any general purpose MCU via SPI interface for the internal TX/RX 64 bytes FIFO as well as RF control modes. Its control methods are compliant to the previous AMICCOM’s 2.4GHz TRX so that users can easily port the wanted protocols to A7130.

The key benefits of A7130 are high speed transmission (4Mbps) and high receiver sensitivity (-88dBm @ 4Mbps) for varied applications like HiFi quality wireless speaker (earphone), 2.4GHz baby monitor (wireless video transmission) , home security, wireless video of vehicle parking, wireless remote controllers and wireless toys. To get started for those applications, AMICCOM offers users a referenced RF module with only 13 external components called MD7130-A01 which is compliant to the global EMC regulations of FCC part 15.247 and CE ETSI EN300-440.

Combined with programmable PA (5 dBm) and high RX sensitivity (-88dBm), the LOS (light-of sign) of MD7130-A01 can reach 50 meters distance on streets test. For longer LOS range than 50 meters, AMICCOM has another referenced RF module called MD7130-F07 (A7130+ A7700) for 200 meters transmission distance where A7700 is AMICCOM’s range extender with 17 dBm TX output power. The additional feature such as 8-bit ADC to measures RSSI can assist clear channel identification. The unique VCO calibration mechanism inside A7130 can compensate process vibrations during CMOS manufacturing to operate steadily under different environmental conditions.

For data streaming, A7130 supports packet encryption /decryption, Manchester encode/decode, pocket error correction (FEC and CRC). For communication protocol, this device also supports Auto-ack and Auto-resend scheme to reduce software loading. For power management, A7130 supports Deep sleep mode (100 nA), Sleep mode, Idle mode and WOR (Wake On RX) which supports periodically Sleep to RX mode to listen incoming packets without MCU interaction to extend battery lifetime. Overall, A7130 is very easy-to-use and support to simplify system development and cost.

A7130 is in 4 mm x 4 mm QFN-20 package. AMICCOM and our authorized distributors are welcome you to request IC samples and evaluation modules. For production service, AMICCOM can offer users a special in-house test fixture called TF7130. For more details, please contact with