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AMICCOM launches a 10dBm 2.4GHz/2Mbps TRX called A7137 up to 100 meters LOS range.
- 2012/5/4
AMICCOM located in Taiwan is a RFIC design house. In May, 2012, AMICCOM launches the 10 dBm TX power 2.4GHz TRX for 100 meters LOS (Line-Of-Sight) range called A7137. This device supports max 2Mbps data rate in FSK or GFSK modulation which is succeed to A7125 as a very high RX sensitivity (-90dBm @ 2Mbps) with the advanced RF CMOS technology. The key benefit to go with A7137 is the max 10dBm TX power to reduce a cost of an external PA for the longer range requirement such as wireless speaker (earphone), 2.4GHz voice baby monitor, home security, smart remote controller, active RF ID and wireless toys (airplanes, helicopters).

A7137 can be operated from 2400 to 2483MHz ISM Band by FIFO mode or Direct mode. For RF protocols, A7137 supports easy-switch-RF-channel by just one register setting, plus auto-ack and auto-resend scheme, user can easily implement a FHSS (frequency hopping spread spectrum) system to overcome the interference problem. Via the SPI interface, MCU can control the programmable TX power (-18dBm ~ 10dBm), R/W FIFO, strobe command (compliant to A7130, A7105 and A7125) for TX mode, RX mode and power saving mode. A7137 supports VDD input from 2.0V to 3.6V, the additional features include auto calibration scheme, thermal sensor, battery detector, auto RSSI measurement, AES128 security packets, Manchester encode/decode, pocket error correction (FEC and CRC). Overall, AMICCOM offers users not only the MCU reference codes but also a referenced RF module called MD7131-A01 which is compliant to the global EMC regulations of FCC part 15.247 and CE ETSI EN300-328 to simplify system development time and cost.

A7137 is in 4 mm x 4 mm QFN-20 package. AMICCOM and our authorized distributors are welcome you to request IC samples and evaluation modules. For production service, AMICCOM can offer users a special in-house test fixture called TF7137. For more details, please contact with