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AMIC Communication Corp Introduces Its first Sub-GHz Transceiver
- 2007/6/27
AMIC Communication Corp (AMIC-COM) is established on November 1st 2005 , located in the HsinChu Science Park announces today a Sub GHz (315/433/868/915MHz) RF transceiver. AMIC-COM focuses on radio frequency wireless ICs and solutions. Currently it already has 2.4GHz RF transceivers, FM transmitter, and LNB Switch ICs in mass production and volume delivery.
A7102 has working frequency in the range from 300MHz~1000MHz, is low power RF transceiver which has receiving sensitivity of 110dBm. Through simple SPI control interface, transmission data rate , power output, etc parameters can be easily configured. It has also built in FEC/CRC auto calibration feature and TX/RX 64 byte data FIFO. No Saw filter and minimal external components required. The working voltage range is from 2.2~3.6Volts.
A7102 is particularly suitable from long range wireless data communication. Typical applications are car security, home automation and security, remote control and wireless toys. Its 150Kbps data transmission capability can also be used for wireless voice devices such as Walkie Talkie.
In the near future (2nd Half of 2007), AMIC-COM will add few more SubGHz transceiver, transmitter and receiver ICs to make the product lineup complete for different application markets. Looking ahead AMIC-COM will continue to strengthen its current market position, will also expand its product lines by investing in Bluetooth, Zigbee and DVB product development.