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AMICCOM announces Bluetooth Low Energy SiP, named A8107 SiP
- 2015/8/11
AMICCOM, located in Taiwan Hsinchu Science Park, announces new Bluetooth Low Energy product, named A8107SiP. A8107SiP is a silicon in package (SiP) product and it includes A8107 and RF match circuit inside. It has 24 GPIO with multi-functions and ICE (In-Circuit Emulator). There are UART, I2C, SPI, four channels PWM, one 16-bit timer and two 8-bit timers within 24 GPIO. A8107 has two resolution ADCs. One is 12bits with 8 channels to measure external voltages and the other is 8bit for RSSI measurement.

A8107SiP is 8x8 mm package and would be designed in compact products. In product design, it only need 16MHz, 32.768KHz crystals and antenna. It is very suitable for wearable devices and compact size products. Because it includes all RF circuits inside, customers do not worried about the RF circuit design, especially new start-up company or software systems house. Besides, A8107 SiP is passed BQB certification and has QDID.

A8108 SiP has fast 1T pipeline 8051 CPU and 128KByes flash. It also has UART, I2C, SPI, 4 channels PWM, one 16 bits timer and two 8bits timers in 24 pin count GPIOs. A8107 SiP has two separated ADCs. 12-bit ADC has eight channels for external signal measurement and the other 8-bit ADC measures RSSI signal from -100 dBm to +0 dBm. AMICCOM owned Bluetooth Low Energy since 2014. This stack is compact, flexible and supports many kinds of profiles and services for diversity applications. AMICCOM has reference codes of Android and iOS supporting OTA functions with A8107 SiP.

A8107SiP is 8mm x 8 mm LGA 40 package. A8107 SiP is in mass production phase and welcome to enquiry from legal agents. Please contact AMICCOM by for more details.