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AMICCOM announces A8102, 2.4GHz wireless audio SoC
- 2016/10/31
AMICCOM announces new 2.4GHz SoC, called A8102. This chip is designed for wireless audio application and it integrates high speed RF transceiver, 4Mbps, with 17dBm output. Its MCU is 1T pipeline 8051 and has 32Kbytes flash memory, 512 Bytes SRAM and 8Kbytes MAC SRAM. It also has some digital peripherals. For development, A8102 offers 2 wires ICE and the recommended IDE is Keil.

The RF part of A8102 has excellent RF performance. The sensitivity of 4Mbps is -85dBm. The output RF power is 17dBm. A8102 integrates the stereo 16-bits audio codec and the sample rate is 32K and 48K/second. For audio process and effects, A8102 support ADPCM and has two levels IIR filter. A8102 has built-in audio auto gain control and could connect microphone and earphone without the external OP-amp. The digital part of A8102 has 1T pipeline 8051 MCU and 16 digital I/O for input (like volume up/down) or output (LED indicators). It also has many peripherals, like I2C, SPI, UART, PWM and USB that supports USB HID/Audio.

AMICCOM owns the wireless audio library code by self-development. It works with hardware MAC in A8102. It is suitable for multiple applications. It would be wireless earphone/microphone with USB dongle. It would be audio line-in or line out by wireless transmission. Or two wireless microphone to one receiver speaker. It also supports broadcast mode and one transmitter to many receivers. Overall, A8102 is a high-integrated RF SoC, that has high performance RF, built-in excellent audio codec, 1T pipeline 8051. The Library code supports multiple applications. It offers the total wireless audio solution in one QFN 7x7 chip.

A8102’s package is 7x7 QFN-56 and AMICCOM legal distributors provide samples and evaluation kit. AMCCIOM provides high integrated RF SoC with the excellent RF performance. Please contact AMICCOM for more details. or