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AMICCOM announced A1011, The 5.8GHz Wireless Transceiver SOC
- 2019/1/21
AMICCOM Electronics Corporation (AMICCOM) announced a new 5.8 GHz wireless transceiver SoC used for China's ETC national standard named A1011.
A 1011 meets the Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC ) communication protocol specified in GB/T 20851 standard . The chip contains 5.8GHz RF transceiver , 14kHz wake-up circuit and power management circuit , and integrates high-performance 1T pipeline 8051 MCU, a built-in 64 Kbytes Flash Memory, 8K bytes SRAM, 24 GPIO with various digital interface. The 2-wire ICE can be developed with Keil C.

The maximum transmit power of A1011 is +9dBm, the transmission mode current is 5mA, ASK modulation receiver sensitivity is -85dBm with 32mA the receiver mode current, Sensitivity of 14KHz wake-up circuit is -50dBm, if the external diode is applied, it can be down to -60dBm. This wake-up circuit operates at a low current 5.7uA.
Highly integrated SOC can reduce the system cost and system size, it is suitable for on-board unit (OBU) and Compound Pass Card (CPC) system. ETC application, A1011 support deep-sleep for power optimization and reduce overall system power consumption.

A1011 supports GB/T20851 framing: FM0 codec, pad 0, frame synchronization and CRC check, which can simplify the development process and reduce user’s development time. The CPU core of A1011 is 1T 8051, which provides fast calculation and adjustable CPU speed based on overall power requirements. A1011 equips with a plurality of digital interface such as UART, I2C, SPI, four PWM outputs, and three 16 -bit timer. It also supports ISO 7810 for data transmission with encryption and decryption chips. Besides, the A1011 has an internal 8- bit ADC that provides up to 8 channels of external signals measurement.
Overall, the A1011 is a highly integrated, low- power 5.8GHz ETC transceiver SoC with excellent RF performance and support for multiple digital interfaces. All functions are integrated into a QFN6x6 package.

Supply and packaging
A1011’s package is QFN6x6 48L/QFN5x5 40L and AMICCOM legal distributors provide sample and evaluation kit.
Please contact AMICCOM for more detail.