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AMICCOM announced A7136 The new SubGHz RF transceiver chip
- 2019/1/21
AMICCOM Electronics Corporation (AMICCOM) announced a new SubGHz RF transceiver chip for narrowband transmission applications, named A7136. A7136 supports unlicensed ISM Band applications below 1 GHz (169MHz ~ 950MHz), such as the 470MHz ~ 510MHz for China's smart grid, and the 169MHz and 868MHz bands used in European wireless automatic meter reading, 310MHz in Japan, 433.92MHz in Europe, America and Asia, and 915MHz in the US and Taiwan. The data rate supports 0.25Kbps ~ 500Kbps. The modulation schemes can be FSK/GFSK, 4FSK/4GFSK or OOK. The MCU can co-operate the A7136 RF mode through the SPI interface and access the built-in 128 Bytes TXFIFO and RXFIFO.

The most advantage of A7136 is the low receiving current and high RF performance. The bandwidth of channel filter is programmable by the users for various data transmission speed. For 433MHz band, receiver sensitivity for data rate 0.5Kbps is -128dBm. Accompany with built-in 20dBm transmit power PA, it can easily support the long-distance applications. In addition, via the full digital coefficient adjustment of the channel filter bandwidth, A7136 has an adjacent channel rejection ratio (ACR) of up to 58dBc at 12.5KHz frequency offset, which can provide excellent anti-interference capability. A7136 also has a built-in DCDC converter for reducing the power consumption. In the DCDC mode with 3.3V input, only sacrificing a little sensitivity, the receiving current can be reduced to 9.5mA for lower power consumption.

In addition to long-distance transmission capability, built-in RSSI of A7136 can help software engineers to detect clean transmission channels. The internal Auto Calibration mechanism is implemented to overcome the process variations and work stably in various environments. The function of Automatic frequency compensation (AFC) solves the sensitivity degradation caused by RF frequency offset in narrowband applications. A7136 supports both direct mode and FIFO mode for data transmission. The direct mode is suitable for the MCU to use the self-defined packet format, while the FIFO mode uses the built-in TXFIFO packet format (including FEC, CRC and Manchester encoding).

There are many applications for A7136, such as AMR( also supports the European intelligent meter standard M-bus 169MHz N mode), long-distance two-way car alarm, industrial control, home automation and more. Overall, A7136 is a high-performance RF chip that supports narrowband applications, providing a low receive current mode with built-in features that extend battery life and reduce development complexity and development costs.

Supply and packaging
A7136 package is QFN4x4 24L and AMICCOM legal distributors provide sample and evaluation kit.
Please contact AMICCOM for more detail.