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AMICCOM announced A8115 The Bluetooth low-energy (Bluetooth LE) SoC chip
- 2018/3/14
AMICCOM Electronics Corporation (AMICCOM) announced a new Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth LE) SoC chip, named A8115. A8115 is a highly integrated Bluetooth® LE SoC, which is the next generation Bluetooth® LE SoC A8105, and is compatible with Bluetooth® LE 5.0. specification. A8115 integrates the high-performance 1T Pipeline 8051 with 24/32 GPIOs and various digital interfaces, and expands the internal Flash Memory to 64Kbytes and SRAM to 8KBytes. In addition, the voice processing function is added in this new chip

As the next-generation chip of the A8105, A8115 optimizes the performance of transceiver. The RX current is 12mA, the TX current is 12.5mA at 0dBm output, and only 16.5mA for the +5dBm output. RF max output power is up to +7.5dBm and the receiver sensitivity is -94dBm (@1Mbps GFSK). The SoC internal CPU core is the 1T 8051, which provides fast calculations and adjusts the CPU speed based on overall power consumption requirements. A8115 is equipped with a variety of interfaces such as UART, I2C, SPI, and has 4 PWM outputs and 3 16/8-bit timers. These interfaces share the pins with 24/32 GPIOs. A8115 has two built-in ADCs. The 12-bit ADC provides eight channels for external signal measurement; and the 8-bit ADC provides RSSI measurements ranging from -100dBm to +0dBm.

A8115 internal flash memory size is 64Kbytes and SRAM size is 8Kbytes, which can support OTA wireless upgrade function, providing customers with more convenient update function. A8115 incorporates the PGA (programmable-gain amplifier) and ADPCM functions in the internal 12-bit ADC for voice input application. With the development of the protocol stack and mobile APP, you can input voice to A8115 and transmit it to the APP by Bluetooth® LE.
Overall, A8115 is a high-performance, low-power Bluetooth LE SoC chip that provides a convenient and easy to develop protocol stack that supports multiple digital interfaces and full I/O, enhanced voice processing for customers.

Supply and packaging
A8115 package is 5 mm x 5 mm QFN 40 and 6 mm x 6 mm QFN 48. AMICCOM legal distributors provide sample and evaluation kit.
Please contact AMICCOM for more detail.