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AMICCOM announced A8507/A8508, The Bluetooth® LE chip series with LCD display function
- 2017/3/9
AMICCOM Electronics Corporation (AMICCOM) announced the Bluetooth® LE chip series with LCD driver, named A8507 and A8508. The A8507/A8508 inherit the A8107 Bluetooth® LE chip, which integrates the high-performance 1T Pipeline 8051 with built-in 128KBytes Flash Memory, 8KBytes SRAM and 24 GPIOs and various digital interfaces. In addition, the A8508 integrates two RCOSC ADCs for humidity and temperature measurements. The 2-wire ICE can be developed with Keil C.

Both the A8507/A8508 and A8107 have excellent RF performance with an RX current of 20mA and 24mA (6dBm output) in TX mode. The programmable RF output power ranges from -10dBm to +8dBm and the receiving sensitivity is -92dBm (@1Mbps GFSK). In addition, A8507/A8508 has built-in 1/2 Bias and 1/3 Bias LCD Drivers with Type A and Type B waveforms. LCD points can be planned as 4 (COM) x 48 (SEG), 6x32 and 8x24. The LCD driver consumes only 3.5uA when the LCD is not connected.

Both the A8507/A8508 and the A8107 use the Bluetooth® LE protocol stack developed by AMICCOM, which can be used to port the A8107 to the A8507/A8508 by simply replacing some library codes. Depending on the requirements of the application, the LCD can be driven and/or the RCOSC ADC can be started to measure humidity and temperature. A8507/A8508 can display relevant information by LCD without a mobile phone, or transmit data to the cloud by mobile phone or Bluetooth® LE gateway for big data analysis. Overall, A8507/A8508 are high-performance, highly integrated Bluetooth® LE chips with excellent RF performance, support for multiple digital interfaces and full I/O, direct drive LCD, and temperature and humidity measurement. It can be used as highly integrated IoT device.

Supply and packaging
A8507/A8508 sold as bare chip and AMICCOM legal distributors provide sample and evaluation kit.
Please contact AMICCOM for more detail.