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AMICCOM announced A9159 The DSSS Spread Spectrum Sub1GHz Wireless RF SoC
- 2016/12/26
AMICCOM Electronics Corporation (AMICCOM) announced the Sub1GHz wireless SoC with spread spectrum function, named A9159. The A9159 is an SoC based on A7159 with excellent RF performance and very low receive current. The modulation can be FSK or DSSS. It contains 1T Pipeline 8051 CPU provides fast calculations, 16KBytes Flash Memory, 4KBytes SRAM and various digital interfaces. The 2-wire ICE can be developed with Keil C.

A9159 is a member of wireless SoC chips in AMICCOM with low receiving current. For RX mode, only 8mA is required for RF and CPU operation. If the CPU goes to shut down, the overall current is only 5mA. In addition to FSK, the RF modulation method supports Spread Spectrum Modulation (DSSS). In 433MHz band, the A9159 has ultra-high sensitivity (-113dBm @ 10Kbps @ 433MHz FSK) with 20dBm PA output( Link- budget of 133dB). If the DSSS spread spectrum modulation is turned on, the receiving sensitivity can be greatly increased by 5~8 dB (-120dBm @ 10Kchip rate @ 433MHz FSK), and the 433MHz Link-budget can be up to 140dB.

In addition to the long-distance transmission capability, the CPU of the A9159 is 1T 8051 core, CPU speed can be adjusted according to the power consumption requirements. A9159 has a variety of digital interfaces such as UART, I2C, SPI, two PWM outputs, one 16-bit timer and two 8-bit timers. These interfaces share the pin with 32 GPIOs and can be used depending on the application. A9159 has two built-in ADCs. The 12-bit ADC provides 8 channels external signal measurement; the 8-bit ADC provides RSSI measurements to assist software engineers for detecting clean transmission channels. In addition, A9159 has an AES encryption and decryption engine for systems that require secure communication. Overall, A9159 is a low-receiving current and high-integration Sub1GHz SoC. All functions are integrated in the QFN6x6 package to provide customers with highly integrated wireless solutions.

Supply and packaging
A9159 package is 6 mm x 6 mm QFN48 and AMICCOM legal distributors provide sample and evaluation kit. Please contact AMICCOM for more detail.