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New 5.8GHz Wireless RF Transceiver Chip Achieves Longer Transmission Distance
- 2019/9/17
AMICCOM Electronics Corporation (AMICCOM) announced a new 5.8GHz wireless RF transceiver chip named A5133. The A5133 supports data rate 500kbps ~ 4Mbps with FSK modulation. The A5133 operates in the same way as A5130, users can easily transfer their proprietary protocol from 2.4GHz to 5.8GHz band which has wider channel bandwidths and less interference signal. Both 5.8GHz and 2.4GHz bands are globally applicable ISM bands.

The built-in LDO of A5133 supports operating voltage from 2.0 to 3.6 V. The maximum TX output Power is +15dBm (91mA). If the output stage supply of power amplifier is set to 3.3V, the output power can be further increased to +17dBm (110mA). The receiving sensitivity is -90dBm (@4 Mbps FSK @ 33.6mA), the maximum Link budget is 107dB, and hence the transmission distance is greatly increased as compared with the previous generation of product. The external MCU can use the SPI interface to control the A5133. By proper register setting, the operation frequency can be changed so that user can easily implement the frequency hopping anti-interference protocol.
For data processing, A5133 provides FEC and CRC, auto acknowledged and auto retransmission, these mechanism can reduce the burden of software development, greatly lower the MCU data processing loading. The power management block supports Sleep, Idle and WOR mode (Wake On RX). The WOR function provides A5133 automatic wake-up and receives RF packets to extend battery life. Sleep mode can be used when RF transmit and receive are not required, and its current consumption is only 3.5uA. Overall, the built-in features of the A5133 can effectively reduce development complexity and development costs.

Supply and packaging
A5133 package is 4 mm x 4 mm QFN-24 and is available now. Welcome to request IC samples and evaluation modules and start development work. Please contact AMICCOM for more detail.