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New Generation SubGHz Wireless Transceiver Chip Achieves Small Size and Ultra-low RX Current
- 2019/9/23

AMICCOM Electronics Corporation (AMICCOM) announced a new generation of ultra-low-receiving current SubGHz RF transceiver, named A7169. Inherited the low-current RF architecture developed by AMICCOM, the A7169 has the same excellent features, programmable RF output power with maximum output up to 20dBm; FSK sensitivity@2kbps is -118dBm with receiving current of 3.2 mA. For A7169, the maximum data rate is raised from 250kbps to 500kbps to fulfill the demand of various high speed applications. The A7169 supports unlicensed ISM band applications below 1GHz (150MHz ~ 950MHz). The MCU can control the A7169's RF state through the SPI interface and access the content of built-in 64 Bytes TXFIFO and RXFIFO.

In addition to long-distance transmission capability, the built-in RSSI of A7169 can help user to detect clean transmission channels. The Auto Calibration mechanism is used to overcome the variation of semiconductor process. The function of automatic frequency compensation (AFC) can solve RF frequency variation coming from crystal frequency drift. In addition, the A7169’s new optimized demodulator circuit can manipulate the received data with data rate error up to -/+ 12% while still maintain good RX sensitivity. It can work stably in various environments and suitable for the application like wireless M-bus and Tire Pressure Detection System (TPMS).

Package of A7169 is QFN 3x3 16pin. Compared with the previous IC families, it has smaller size and fewer pins. This saves board space and greatly reduces bill of material (BOM), which effectively lowers system development complexity and costs. The applications for the A7169 include long-distance two-way car alarm, industrial control, intelligent building energy management, home automation and so on. Overall, the A7169 is a high-performance, low-power RF chip with built-in features that can extend battery life and provide customers with fast/convenient/low-cost wireless solutions.

Supply and packaging
A7169 is available in a QFN3x3 16L package, and is now available from AMICCOM and its authorized distributors. Welcome to request IC samples and development kits and start development work.