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AMICCOM Announced Sub-1GHz Wireless Receiver Chip-A7209/A7229
- 2020/6/30
AMICCOM Electronics released a new generation of ultra-low current Sub-1GHz RF wireless receiver chips in June 2020, named A7209 and A7229. The two chips use low-IF architecture, A7209 supports OOK demodulation, A7229 supports FSK demodulation, the operating voltage is 1.8 ~ 3.8V, the chip has automatic calibration for Filter and VCO circuit and auto correction mechanism such as AFC and AGC. Users can determine operating frequency and data rate through the SPI interface. In addition, the A7209/A7229 can be used in hardware control mode for simplicity. The operating frequency and data rate can be set directly through the pin of chip, that is, these two chips can be operated independently without MCU.

In the hardware control mode, the A7209 RX current is only 4mA in the 433MHz frequency band and the sensitivity for 1~10kbps OOK demodulation is -112.5dBm. The A7229 in hardware control mode consumes only 4.1mA in the 433MHz frequency band. The sensitivity for 10kbps FSK demodulation is -116dBm. In the SPI control mode, the configuration of A7229 can be optimized and current consumption is only 3.85mA. The supported transmission rate is 2k ~ 250kbps for SPI control mode and sensitivity for 250kbps FSK demodulation is -103dBm.

The A7209/A7229 is packaged in QFN 4x4 20 pin, They can be used in various applications including wireless control, wireless toy products and wireless home automation. Overall, the A7209/A7229 are high-efficiency, low-power RF receiver chips with simple and easy-to-use features, which can provide customers with convenient and low-cost wireless solutions.

Supply and packaging
A7209 and A7229 are available in a QFN4x4 20L package and is now available from AMICCOM and its authorized distributors. Welcome to request IC samples and development kits and start development work.