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AMICCOM Announced 2.4GHz Wireless Transceiver Chip with DSSS Function-A7157
- 2020/6/30
AMICCOM released 2.4GHz direct-sequence spread-spectrum wireless chip in June 2020, named A7157. A7157 supports FSK and DSSS modulation operation modes. In FSK mode, A7157 is a high-speed (4Mbps) RF transceiver chip. The operation is fully compatible with A7190 and A7196. The maximum PA output power can be up to 17Bm.Via SPI interface user can control the operation mode and access to the built-in 512 Bytes TXFIFO and RXFIFO. When the DSSS modulation operation is enabled, the supported maximum data rate is 133.3kbps, the spread spectrum function can enhance the anti-interference ability of the A7157 and greatly increase the distance of wireless transmission.

A7157 features 4Mbps mode high-speed transmission, 30 times DSSS function, built-in high-power PA and 512 Bytes TX/RX FIFO packets. Customers can configure the best transmission mode according to system application requirements. Suitable applications include Baby Monitor in the 2.4GHz frequency band, wireless audio and video transmission, high-fidelity wireless speakers, home security and drone. Using FSK modulation, 15 channels can be used. In addition, AMICCOM provides reference design modules, customers can quickly complete product designs and shorten the design cycle. The reference design module can meet the EMC specifications of the US FCC part 15.247 and the European ETSI EN300-440.

In the RF performance, the reference design of the A7157 operates with DSSS 133.3kbps, 17dBm TX Power and RX sensitivity of -100dBm. Link Budget can reach 117dB. In addition, the built-in RSSI of the A7157 can help software engineers to select a clean channel for high-speed transmission (4Mbps) and a built-in Multi-CRC to enhance the packet error detection capability. The Auto Calibration mechanism inside the chip can overcome the semiconductor process variation and can work stably in various environments.

In data processing, A7157 provides packet error detection (FEC and CRC), Auto ACK and Auto Resend mechanisms to reduce the burden of software development, the packet content also supports hardware AES128 encryption and decryption. Enhancing the confidentiality of data can reduce the complexity of MCU operation for data processing. The power management of A7157 supports Sleep, Idle mode and TWOR mode (Wake up by Radio Timer). The TWOR function provides A7157 automatic wake-up to extend battery life. In Sleep mode, the current consumption of A7157 is only 5.3uA. Overall, the built-in functions of A7157 can effectively reduce the development complexity and development cost.

Supply and packaging
A7157 is available in a QFN5x5 32L package, and is now available from AMICCOM and its authorized distributors. Welcome to request IC samples and development kits and start development work. AMICCOM's FAE team also provides RF test tools for mass production of modules. Please contact AMICCOM Electronics for details.