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AMICCOM Announced Sub-1GHz Wireless Transmitter SOC – A9339
- 2021/7/5
AMICCOM releases new Sub1GHz wireless transmitter SoC, named A9339. A9339 integrates RF transmitter whose performance is the same as A7339. It can be used to communicate with AMICCOM's Sub1GHz RF or SoC transceivers. The data rate of A9339 is 250Kbps and supports FSK and GFSK modulation. The MCU in A9339 is high-performance 1T Pipeline 8051, built-in 16Kbytes Flash Memory, 1Kbytes SRAM, and 16/8 GPIOs and various digital peripherals. For development, A9339 offers 2-wire ICE and the recommended IDE is Keil C.

The RF part of A9339 is a low-power, high-performance and highly integrated RF transmitter chip. The maximum RF output power is 18.6dBm, which only consumes 92mA. It also supports WOT (Wake up to Transmit), which can automatically transmit RF packets and no need to wake up the CPU. The suitable applications are industrial monitoring, wireless alarm and security systems, wireless ISM frequency band data communication. The internal 8bit 8051CPU can be used to initialize RF, and can operate and read a variety of digital interfaces according to application requirements. These interfaces include UART, I2C and SPI, 2 PWM outputs, 1 16-bit timer and 2 8-bit timers. These interfaces share pins with 16/8 GPIOs and can be used to set the application according to the user’s requirement. The A9339 is equipped with a 12bit ADC, which provides 4 channels to measure external signals. Overall, the A9339 is a high-efficiency and low-cost wireless transmitter SoC, with excellent RF performance and low power consumption, and supports a variety of digital interfaces and complete I/O, all functions are integrated in the QFN4x4 package.

Supply and packaging
A9339 is available in a QFN4x4 20L package and is now available from AMICCOM and its authorized distributors. Please contact AMICCOM for more detail. or