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AMICCOM announced A7533, The Ultra Low Power, Low Cost, High Integration LNB Switch Matrix IC.
- 2008/1/5
AMIC Communication Corporation (AMICCOM) locates in the Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan; announced newest LNB switch matrix IC A7533. The significant features of A7533 are “ 4x2 switch matrix “ plus “ Tone Detector”. A7533 is designed by RF CMOS Process with integrated Tone Detector so that A7533 is very tie-in with LNB、CATV、DBS、Cellular Systems as well as cost sensitive satellite devices.

For cost consideration, A7533 is packaged by 20-lead QFN with high integrated features such as “ 4 bit Decoder”, “DiSEqC Auto Filtering” , “Regulator”, “ Tone Detector”. Especially for Tone Detector, A7533 could support customers to reduce test / BOM cost of LNB effectively. A7533 operates from 3.0V ~4.2 V under 50 ohm or 75 ohm cable system. Similar to other switch ICs, A7533 provides two output pins (OP1, OP2), OP1 and OP2 could select satellite signals (HH, HL, VH, VL) independently or operate simultaneously.

AMICCOM always focuses on customer’s requests of cost competition and highest integration. It is a huge challenge to reduce cost of switch ICs by former process and testing. Therefore, A7533 uses full resources / advantages of semiconductor supply chain in Taiwan to target “ high performance” and “ low cost”. For all manufacturers of satellite communication in world wide, AMICCOM also dedicates on providing fully technical support and complete engineering service such as circuitry design and application issues. Therefore, AMICCOM’s customers could reduce developing stage and simplify testing flow to reach time to market and volume production quality.

Current status of AMICCOM Switch Matrix ICs
A7531 : volume production in June 2004, keep supplying.
A7532 : volume production in March 2006, keep supplying.

About AMICCOM : AMICCOM locates in the Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan . AMICCOM definitely focuses on RF ICs by CMOS process who provides “ low power “,“ high performance “, “ low cost “ solutions. The target applications are GPS, 2.4G / sub GHz and satellite communication, etc.

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