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General Description
A5129 is a low cost 5.2GHz band transceiver. It supports on-air data rate up to 4Mbps.

For packet handling, A5129 has built-in separated (64 bytes) TX/RX FIFO for data buffering and burst transmission, auto-ack and auto-resend, CRC for error packet filtering, FEC (7,4 hamming code) for 1-bit data correction per code word, RSSI for clear channel assessment, thermal sensor to monitor relative temperature, data whitening for data encryption / decryption. In addition, A5129 has built-in AES128 co-processor (Advanced Encryption Standard) for advanced data encryption or decryption which consists of the transformation of a 128-bit block into an encrypted 128-bit block. Those functions are very easy to use while developing a wireless system.

A5129’s control registers are accessed via 3-wire or 4-wire SPI interface such as TX/RF FIFO, ID register, RSSI value, frequency hopping and calibration procedures. Another one is the unique Strobe command via SPI to control power saving mode (sleep, idle, standby), TX mode and RX mode. The other connections between A5129 and MCU are GIO1 and GIO2 (multi-function GPIO) to output A5129’s status so that MCU could use either polling or interrupt scheme for radio control. Overall, it is very easy to develop a wireless application by a MCU and A5129 because of its rich and easy-to-use features.
 Small size (QFN4X4, 24 pins).
 FSK or GFSK modulation.
 Sleep current (7 uA).
 RX current consumption: 30.5 mA (AGC on).
 TX current consumption: 27.5 mA (2 dBm)
 On chip regulator, support input voltage 2 ~ 3.6V.
 Programmable data rate 1M, 2M, 4Mbps.
 Maximum TX output power : up to 2 dBm.
 RX sensitivity: -86dBm (4Mbps) / -89dBm(2Mbps)
 Built-in AES128 co-processor
 Easy to use.
 Support 3-wire or 4-wire SPI.
 Unique Strobe command via SPI.
 ONE register setting for new channel frequency.
 CRC Error Packet Filtering.
 Auto-acknowledgement and auto-resend.
 Separated 64Byte TX/RX FIFO.
 8-bits RSSI measurement for clear channel indication.
 Auto Calibrations.
 Auto IF function.
 FEC by (7, 4) Hamming code (1 bit error correction / code word).
 Easy FIFO / Segment FIFO / FIFO Extension (up to 4K bytes).
 Support FIFO mode frame sync to MCU.
 Support direct mode with recovery clock output to MCU.
 HiFi quality wireless audio streaming
 Video streaming

 5.2GHz band system
 Wireless toys and game controllers