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A8107 SiP
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General Description
A8107 SiP ( System-in-Package ) is a high performance and low cost 2.4GHz FSK/GFSK SiP wireless transceiver. With in SiP fraction-N synthesizer, it can support the application of data rate from 5Kbps to 2Mbps and frequency hopping system and it is designed for Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth 5.0 Single mode). It is a Bluetooth Smart Device . This SiP integrates high speed pipeline 8051 MCU, 128K Bytes In-system programmable flash memory, 8KB SRAM, various powerful functions and excellent performance of a leading 2.4GHz FSK/GFSK RF transceiver. There are 2 types of A8107 SiP. One is A8107F7000SQ8A which needs external crystal ( 16MHz and 32.768KHz ), and the other is A8107F7001SQ8A which doesn’t need any crystal. A8107 SiP has 128K bytes flash that supports AES128 engine and CCM. For details about register setting, please refer to another document A8107 Datasheet.
 Package size (LGA8x8, 40 pins).
 High performance pipeline complicated 8051
 Operation clock: 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64 of crystal oscillator.
 128KB Flash memory with copy protection, 8KB SRAM
 UART, I2C, SPI serial communication
 Three16/8-bit counter/timers
 Four Channel PWM
 Watchdog timer
 Sleep timer
 In-Circuit Debugger
 In-System programming/ In-Application programming
 24 GPIO
 RX current consumption with MCU in operation mode: 20mA (AGC On)
 TX current consumption with MCU in operation mode (21mA @ 0dBm, 27mA @ 6dBm output power).
 PM3 without Sleep timer ( 0.9 uA )
 Frequency band: 2400 – 2483.5MHz.
 FSK and GFSK modulation
 High sensitivity:
 -96dBm at 500Kbps data rate
 -92dBm at 1Mbps data rate
 -90dBm at 2Mbps data rate
 Programmable data rate 4K ~ 2Mbps.
 Fast settling time synthesizer for frequency hopping system.
 Built-in thermal sensor for monitoring relative temperature.
 Built-in one channel 8-bits ADC for external analog voltage (0V ~ 1.2V).
 Built-in eight channels 12-bits ADC for general purpose analog input (0V ~ 1.8 V).
 Built-in Low Battery Detector.
 Support 16MHz crystal
 Easy to use.
 Change frequency channel by ONE register setting.
 8-bits Digital RSSI for clear channel indication.
 Auto RSSI measurement.
 Auto WOR (wake up when receive RX packet).
 Auto WOT (wake up to transmit TX packet).
 Auto Calibrations.
 Auto IF function.
 Auto Frequency Compensation.
 Auto CRC Check.
 Separated 64 bytes RX and TX FIFO.
 2400 ~ 2483.5 MHz ISM frequency hopping system
 Smart remote controller
 Home and building automation
 Wireless keyboard and mouse
 Wireless toy and gaming
 Helicopter and airplane radio controller
 Bluetooth smart device
Application Note
Reference circuit design (Module)
Reference/LIB code
Evaluation kit (EK)
Development Board (DVP)
ICE tool
Flash/OTP programming tool
Production test tool
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