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General Description
A7107 is a single mode Bluetooth low energy (BLE) RF transceiver. With on chip fractional-N synthesizer and Bluetooth low energy compliant radio (PHY), A7107can offers an easy and robust way to support Bluetooth low energy connectivity of the end applications.

A7107 supports the BLE on-air data rate at 1Mbps with GFSK modulation (optional setting to 2Mbps) for frequency hopping spread sptcturm system (FHSS). A7107 operates in the BLE spectrum range (2402-2480 MHz) for 40 channels with 2MHz channel spacing, instead of classic Bluetooth technology's 79 channels (The BLE protocol is not backward compatible with classic Bluetooth protocol). User can not only use A7107 as a low power radio transport, but also implement the design of the protocol to allow low duty cycles operation. Since the BLE protocol is optimised for small bursts and very low duty cycles (of the order of 0.25%), the overall system average current is therefore in the microamp (μA) range to support battery-powered operations for years.

A7107 is a high performance and low cost 2.4GHz BLE transceiver. This device integrates both high sensitivity receiver (-90dBm @1Mbps/GFSK) and programmable power amplifier (-50 ~ 8dBm). User can configure on-air data rates to either 1Mbps or 2Mbps.

For packet handling, A7107 supports BLE’s packet format including a short preamble (8-bits, self-generated), Sync word (32-bits, user definition), PDU header (8bits), PDU Length (8-bits), PDU payload (max. 296-bits) and a CRC (24-bits) adapted in the end of a packet.

For low current consumption, A7107 is integrated with both LDO and DC-DC (buck converter) so that this device can be operated with a wide VDD input range from 2V to 3.6V. User can configure one of them (LDO or DC-DC) as a powered source for device operations.

A7107’s control registers are accessed via 3-wire or 4-wire SPI interface including a BLE packet, RSSI value, frequency hopping to chip calibration procedures. Another one, via SPI as well, is the unique Strobe command, A7107 can be controlled from power saving mode (deep sleep, sleep, idle, standby) to PLL mode, TX mode and RX mode. The other connections between A7107 and MCU are GIO1 and GIO2 (multi-function GPIO) to output A7107’s status so that MCU could use either polling or interrupt scheme for radio control. Overall, this device is very easy-to-use for developing a wireless application with a MCU. Those functions are very easy to use while developing a wireless system. All features are integrated in a small QFN 5X5 32 pins package.
 Frequency band: 2400 – 2483MHz.
 FSK and GFSK modulation.
 BLE compliant PHY radio unit.
 HW AES128 to support CCM* security.
 VDD input options (2.0V ~ 3.6V)
 On chip DC-DC buck converter.
 On chip LDO regulator.
 High sensitivity: -90dBm at 1Mbps data rate.
 Programmable data rate 1M / 2Mbps.
 Fast settling time synthesizer for frequency hopping system.
 Built-in thermal sensor for monitoring relative temperature.
 Built-in 1 channel 8-bits ADC for external analog voltage (0V ~ 1.2 V).
 9-bits Digital RSSI for clear channel indication.
 Built-in Low Battery Detector.
 Support low cost crystal (16MHz).
 Support crystal sharing (1 / 2 / 4 / 8MHz) to MCU.
 Easy to use.
 Support 3-wire or 4-wire SPI.
 Unique Strobe command via SPI.
 Change frequency channel by ONE register setting.
 Auto RSSI measurement.
 Auto WOR (wake up when receive RX packet).
 Auto Calibrations.
 Auto IF function.
 Auto Frequency Compensation.
 Auto CRC Filtering.
 Support direct mode with recovery clock output to MCU.
 Support FIFO mode with frame sync signal to MCU.
Wireless keyboard and mice
BLE watches
Remote Controller
Heath care sensors
Sport and Fitness sensors
Wireless toys and game controllers
Application Note
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