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General Description
A8301 is a low cost 2.4GHz ISM voice TX SoC. Based on Data Rate Register, user can configure on-air data rates up to 2.048Mbps. In analog part, it integrates 16 bits ADC (with 8KHz, 16KHz and 32KHz sample rate). In the digital part, it integrates high speed pipeline 8051 MCU, 16 KB In-system programmable flash memory, 256Bytes internal SRAM, 512Bytes external SRAM and various powerful functions.

A8301 supports fast PLL settling time for frequency hopping system. For packet handling, A8301 has built-in (128 bytes) TX FIFO for data buffering and burst transmission, CRC for error packet filtering, FEC (7,4 hamming code) for 1-bit data correction per code word, thermal sensor to monitor relative temperature, data whitening for data encryption. Those functions are very easy to use while developing a wireless system.
 Package size:QFN5x5 (40/32 pins)
 Frequency band: 2400 ~ 2483.5MHz.
 FSK or GFSK modulation.
 PM3 mode current: 1.7uA (without sleep timer).
 TX current consumption: 100mA (17dBm)
 Support high data rate up to: 2.048M.
 Programmable TX power level from 10dBm to 19.5dBm.
 Fast PLL settling time (30 us) for frequency hopping system.
 Support low cost crystal (16.384 MHz).
 Low Battery Detector indication.
 Integrate 8051 compatible MCU.
 16KByte flash, 256Bytes internal data RAM, 512Bytes external data RAM.
 Integrate 16 bit ADC with sampling rate 8K, 16K and 32KSPS.
 PGA for MIC amplifier.
 Easy to use.
 ONE register setting for new channel frequency.
 CRC Error Packet Filtering.
 128Byte TX FIFO.
 Auto Calibrations.
 FEC by (7, 4) Hamming code (1 bit error correction / code word).
 Easy FIFO / Segment FIFO.
 2.4GHz voice baby monitor
 Wireless voice toy
 Wireless microphone system
 2.4GHz Walkie-Talkie
Application Note
Reference circuit design (Module)
Reference code
Evaluation kit (EK)
Development Board (DVP)
ICE tool
Flash/OTP programming tool
Production test tool
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