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General Description
A7700 is a high performance and low cost 2.4GHz RF front end by CMOS technology. It integrates PA (up to 19dBm output power), LNA (gain up to 11 dB), RF switch as well as matching network so that only a few external components are needed. A7700 consists of two stages PA to provide extended link budget (distance) of larger TX output power and LNA for higher RX sensitivity in a wireless system. A7700 also has a very low sleep current (1.0 uA) for not only portable consumer electronic device but wireless sensor applications (IEEE 802.15.4) in the 2.4 GHz ISM band. All features are integrated in a small QFN-16 3X3mm package. Overall, A7700 is a range extender for all existing AMICCOM’s 2.4GHz TRX to provide users the total solutions of 2.4GHz high power module design including PCB layout, matching network and performance optimization.
 Small size (QFN 3X3, 16 pins).
 Support 2400 ~ 2483.5MHz ISM band.
 Wide range operation 2.0V ~ 3.6V.
 TX output power 17.9dBm when Pin = 0dBm.
 LNA high/low gain mode adjustable by HGM pin.
 Few external components.
 Integrate two stages PA.
 Integrate LNA.
 Integrate RF switch.
 Integrate Inductors.
 Integrate matching network.
 6.8 dB LNA noise figure in high gain mode.
 Low Sleep current 1.0 uA.
 RX current 4.3 mA @ high gain mode.
 TX current 97 mA @ 17.9 dBm output power when Pin = 0dBm @ Vdd = 3.3V.
2400 ~ 2483.5 MHz ISM band system
IEEE 802.15.4 and Zigbee system
Wireless metering and building automation
Wireless Audio/Video system
Industry control
2.4GHz Helicopter an d airplane radio controller
Application Note
Reference circuit design (Module)
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