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General Description
A7511 features the 4 x 1 switch matrix with DiSEqC decoder in a small 16-lead QFN 3x3 package. The integrated DiSEqC decoder support DiSEqC 2.0 command set used in 75 ohm DiSEqC systems. DCIN can accept supply voltage up to 21V by a RF cable from a Set Up Box (STB) and by pass this DC voltage to the wanted DC output pin (DC1 ~ DC4). RFO can be selected from 4 RF input sources (RF1 ~ RF4) for the wanted one regarding to the applied DiSEqC command.. All features are very easy-to-use to simply the development time and cost for a DiSEqC application
4x1 DiDEqC switch
Working voltage form 11V ~ 21V
Over-current protection
35dB isolation at 200~950MHz
Low BOM cost
DiSEqC switch
Satellite Multi switch
Application Note
Evaluation kit (EK)
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