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General Description
A7832 is an integrated LNB down converter with FET bias and polarization/tone detector, PLO and Mixer, A7832 is a high integrated satellite down converter from C Band.

Additional unique features such as built-in Polar Voltage Selector, two channels of current bias controller for negative voltage driven FET. Such innovative features make this device be very useful to simplify system development and cost.

For crystal oscillator, A7832 just needs a common 25MHz crystal to generate 5.15GHz LO. Those functions are easy to use while developing a LNB system. All features are integrated in a small QFN 3X3 16 pins package.
Trimmable FET bias current.
High integration
Integrated C band downconverter.
High accuracy polar voltage selector.
Integrated FET bias controller.
Integrated 5.15GHz LO. (optional 5.75GHz LO)
Support low cost crystal 25MHz (FLO=FCrystal X 206)
C Band LNB converter for digital satellite reception.
DVB-S satellite reception.
Application Note
Evaluation kit (EK)
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