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General Description
A7535 is a four-input to two-output switch matrix which supports broadband range from 200 to 3000 MHz. A7535 is pin-to-pin compatible to A7533 which also integrates Tone and Polarity controller in a small 20-lead QFN package for Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) applications. A positive voltage controlled 4 bit decoder enables 16-states directing any of the four inputs to either of the two outputs. The special feature inside A7535 is DiSEqC control signals rejection in both 50/75 ohm systems. Two outputs (OP1 & OP2) can be independently selected from any of the four inputs (HH, HL, VH, VL) or simultaneously select the same inputs without isolation degradation because of AMICCOM’s patented architecture by loading-adjustable RF switch matrix circuit. Note that the switch is bi-directional and input/output functionality may be interchanged.

Working frequency: 200 ~ 3000MHz.
DiSEqC Rejection
High isolation:
34dB at 200~950MHz
31dB at 950~1450MHz
28dB at 1450~2150MHz
23dB at 2150~3000MHz
4*2 Switch Matrix with Tone/Polarity controller for 0.2 -3.0 GHz Applications:
Cable Modems
DBS Switch
Application Note
Evaluation kit (EK)
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